"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death." Revelation 12; 11 (NKJV)

I can honestly and whole-heartedly say that God is ALWAYS faithful. Though many of these testimonies came through difficult times, some even with tears, God has never let me down. He will never let you down, as well. Your faith and patience may be stretched and tested, but God will come through for you. He is truly worthy of our trust! 

In a nutshell, these stories are a large portion of the experiences I have had with God over the years.  Most of them are lengthy, so here is a brief synopsis of each one listed.

  Salvation - How I came to know God.
  Holy Spirit - My experience when I was filled with the Holy Spirit.
  Healing - My son's child-like faith, which gave me understanding about receiving healing.
  His Voice - How the Lord began teaching me how to hear His voice through confirmations.
  Trust Test - The Lord challenged me to trust Him and how He came through for me.
  Provision - God's provision for Christmas two years in a row.
  Forewarning - The Lord forewarned me about the plan to lay me off from work.
  Provision 2 - An unexpected check in the mail, which supplied a needed rent payment.
  Dry Season - A lesson learned during a dry season in my life...why God gets all of the glory.
  Obedience - Obedience in the area of financial giving.  God returns a blessing when we give.
  Prayer - The power of a praying church, which resulted in a very sizable pay raise.
  Forgiveness - Its God's way.  He blesses us when we choose to do things His way.
  Blessing - A blessing "just because".

I have also added my friend's powerful testimony of how God revealed Himself and turned his life around from a life pursuing witchcraft and the occult to one of true fulfillment and power in God. (Click here for Rick's Testimony)

I pray these stories will give you hope, encouragement, & strength for whatever you may be facing in your life.

If you have a true story about the Lord's goodness that you would like to share, please be encouraged to do so by using the "Submit Yours" button, located at the bottom left.

Please bookmark this site, and come back soon, as I hope to have new additions regularly.

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