Preparation for What's Coming
"Cut Your Credit Cards"

I was sitting in a Sunday morning service, late 1991 or early 1992, when I heard the Lord as clear as could be. It wasn't an audible voice, but a voice within myself. I heard the Lord say, "Cut your credit cards." I replied, "But I'm not using them.” I couldn't use them if I wanted. They were all charged to their limit, which was a good clue that I was out of control.  The Lord responded, "Yes, but you think about using them all of the time." My reply, "Yeah, but they are tucked away in the top drawer of my dresser." The Lord said, "Stop thinking about using them and cut your credit cards." Persistent me…"But Lord, I may need them for an emergency.  "Last word from the Lord, "You have Me for an emergency. CUT YOUR CREDIT CARDS!" My Last word, "Yes, Lord."

I went home that afternoon, dug out every single credit card…Bon Marché, Freidlanders, Visa, & Levitz account, and cut them all. 

The next day, I took what I thought was my monthly checking account statement to work so that I could balance my checking account during my lunch break. Yes, I am the type of person who balances my checking account every month. To my surprise, when I opened the envelope with my bank's letterhead, it wasn't my statement. It was a letter informing me that Visa had doubled my credit limit! I laughed so hard! I said to the Lord, "You knew this was in the mail! You knew what my first thought was going to be after reading this run and get a new car stereo! You knew the temptation would be too great."

The Lord always knows what is headed your way. How do I know this? Hindsight is always 20/20. Was He concerned about whether or not I would give into the temptation to purchase a new car stereo? Nope! A few months after I cut my credit cards, I was fired from my job (bartending at a quiet lounge in a family restaurant) for being open about my faith with interested customers. The Lord knew what was coming…the refiner's fire to purify me from materialism. Why do you think my credit cards were all maxed?

He also wanted to teach me that He is my faithful provider. He didn't want me to rely on my credit cards to get me through the days that lie ahead. He truly is a faithful provider, as you will see as you read the other posted testimonies. Most of them are about how the Lord is always faithful to provide.

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