A Needed Check in the Mail

This is probably going to be the shortest of all my testimonies, but definitely not the least powerful. It was sometime in 1996. I was attending college while collecting unemployment benefits through Workforce Training. Rent was due and I can't remember why I didn't have the money set aside. What I do remember is driving past the manager's office thinking about the rent that was due the following day. I prayed to the Lord, "Father, my rent is due tomorrow. If I don't pay it tomorrow, they will charge me a $40.00 late fee and $15.00 per day until it is paid. These charges can add up quickly, digging a deep hole that will be difficult to get out of. I don't know how I can come up with the money, but I do know that You take care of me and have proven to me that You are faithful to provide for my needs." This was the first sign that I was at the end of the four year trial regarding finances and trusting in God.

My reaction and emotions about not having the rent money was a far cry from the former years, beginning in 1992, when I would lay awake on my bed terrified, crying to the Lord because my bills were piling up and I had no income to pay for them. I remember the terror I had then, but this time that terror was gone. There was a concern about the rent but no fear. Deep down inside I trusted the Lord to provide. He had provided for me time and time again over the past four years.

I pulled up to the mailboxes to fetch my mail. I had received an envelope from the unemployment office. To my amazement, it contained a check for $681.00!!! There was also a letter explaining that additional hours from a former employer had recently been reported. They had to re-evaluate my unemployment benefits. The check was payment for the additional benefits. The $681.00 was enough to pay my rent. Praise God!

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