The Lord's Forewarning
"They Are Talking About Laying You Off"

In 1993, I was promoted from a waitress to the corporate office to do Accounts Payable. I was so excited to get the break I was looking for. The previous one and a half years were pretty tough; working two to three waitress jobs to pay the bills, while bouncing from one job to the next. Prior to that, I had worked as a bartender in the quiet lounge of a family restaurant for four years. I enjoyed that job and made enough to pay my bills with spending money left over. However, it came to an end when I was fired for sharing my faith with interested customers. I say "interested" because I ONLY shared my faith when I could perceive that the person was interested in a discussion about God. I am not the type to force beliefs on people. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. I would have eventually left on my own. Restaurant hourly shifts were conflicting with the time I had to share with my son, once he started school.

So this 9:00 - 5:00 Accounts Payable promotion was just what I was after! Oh, did I mention that I had absolutely no Accounts Payable or office experience? Tis true! Not to fret though, I learned how to do my job, but never did develop any confidence. That was probably because I worked with the three most witchy women on the face of this earth who constantly pointed out every area I fell short. I was their afternoon delight - the gossip topic everyday at their frequent outings to the parking lot to suck in smoke. Have you ever noticed the bonding that occurs between people who share the same nasty habits together? Okay, I know, I am being sarcastic and mean. Just trying to make you smile at their expense. I'll behave from now on, I promise.

I have never suffered through such intense persecution as when I did while employed there. I remember going into the ladies room to cry, talk myself out of quitting, and recompose myself to go back to my desk to take more abuse. It was really horrible, but at the same time, I loved my job responsibilities. After one and a half years, the situation with my coworkers had not changed, even though I tried so hard to make things better. I was as nice as I could be. I even brought them gifts! I was also getting tired of the two hour per day commute.

It was time for a change. It was time for the Lord to rescue me. I'd talk with the Lord about my situation, saying that the best way for me to leave would be if I were to get laid off with severance pay and the eligibility to collect unemployment benefits so that I would have time to find a decent replacement job.

One morning, I found out that my boss was upstairs in the restaurant speaking with the human resource manager. They were good friends and frequently spent time together in the restaurant, so it was nothing out of the usual. But this time the Lord spoke to me very clearly saying, "They are talking about laying you off." I was so excited!! My thoughts were, "Praise God, I am outta here! God's got something better for me!"

When they came downstairs to the offices they called me into my boss' office. I donít think I could've hid the smile on my face. The human resource manager tried his hardest to soften the blow, while I just sat there smiling at him as he squirmed. The Lord had already prepare me for what he was about to say. I finally had to let him out of his misery by saying, "Don't feel badly. I have wanted a change. The two hour per day commute has been getting to me. I chalk it up to two hours per day set aside for prayer while I am driving. I already knew that you were upstairs talking about letting me go." The human resource manager asked how could I have possibly known that they were upstairs talking about laying me off when no one else in the company knew about it and it isn't unusual for them to spend time upstairs together? So I said, "I guess two hours of prayer time per day really pays off." He looked at my boss and said, "She really is into this stuff, isn't she?" That was a clue that they had been talking together about my faith in the Lord. It didnít bother me. I was so happy that I was outta there!! 

Oh, did I forget to tell you that they gave me a severance package, vacation pay, and I was eligible for unemployment benefits? Yep yep yep! Isn't God good?! He came to my rescue!!

The three women that had made my work experience there a living hell watched with smirks on their faces as I packed up my belongings from my desk. They had absolutely no idea that losing my job was an answer to prayer. I believe the smirk on my face was bigger and happier!

Immediately following the layoff, I enrolled in college to obtain an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Accounting while collecting unemployment benefits through Workforce Training. Immediately following graduation in 1997, with a two-year degree, I was able to land my current accounting position. My current income is over double what I was earning when I was laid off from my former job.

I had to chuckle when I found out that they had to hire two people to handle the Accounts Payable workload I did by myself. They called my lay off a "downsizing" -- ya right -- I call it "The Lord, to the Rescue!" Don't forget, if God will rescue me, He will rescue you too!

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