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Christian Prophetic Ministries

Kim Clement    Elijah List    Answer the Call    Word at Work    Heartcry - Rachel Hickson 

Kim Clement is an incredible prophet.  I was blessed to see him in 1996 at the "Washington for Jesus" rally at the capital steps.  His ministry was the highlight of my trip to D.C.  I was also incredibly blessed at the conference he held locally earlier this year.  I would have to say that it was crammed packed with teaching that afterward made me want to be still, quiet, and meditate on the things that were taught.  I didn't want to forget one word!!  You will see, at his website, several prophecies for the USA that have come to pass.  

The Elijah list posts prophetic words almost daily from several different prophets. It is a good source to find out what the prophets are saying to the church on a daily basis.

Answer the Call Ministries truly has the vision for unity across denominations, raising up every believer to fulfill their God given destiny.

Word at Work Ministries International, with Al Houghton is an intense prophetic teaching ministry.

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