Fountain Of Love

You, O Lord are a Fountain of Love,
You pour Your love on me.
You fill me up till I overflow,
With a love that sets me free.
It flows right through me, steady and strong,
Satisfying my soul.
It runs like water, refreshing and pure,
Making me feel so whole.

There's never a time when I don't feel,
The love You freely give.
Forever it goes on and on,
Through all the days I live.
Heartaches come and shake up my world,
But Your love stays so strong.
You wrap Your arms around my soul,
And love me on and on.

I don't deserve this awesome love,
Raining down on me.
For I don't always seek You Lord,
The way that I should be.
But on those days when I feel lost,
I feel love even more.
For you O Lord are a Fountain of Love,
Flowing forevermore.

Nancy Burr
Nancy's Website

Thank you, Nancy, for submitting this wonderful poem!

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