The Army of God

Players: Army Recruiter; Average Guy; Friends 1, 2, & 3; Navy Guy; Drug Dealer; Air Force Guy

Scene 1

[An Average Guy is walking along when he comes up to a military man dressed in Army clothes, preaching in a very gruff voice like a drill sergeant.]

Army Recruiter:  Join the Army of God! Jesus Christ wants you!

[The Average Guy walking along looks at the Army Recruiter and stops to listen.]

Average Guy: Hey! What do I have to do to join the Army of God? Does it cost anything?

[The Army Recruiter walks up to the Average Guy.]

Army Recruiter: It’ll cost you your life! Jesus Christ wants your miserable, meaningless, destitute life, (mutters under his breathe – "Why, I can’t understand"), but in return He’ll give you His peaceful, joyful, eternal life. All you have to do is give Him your life, receive His eternal life, believe you’ve received, and then confess it. 
Average Guy: Jesus, I want to enlist! Take this life, its Yours. I receive You eternal life in return. Thank you Jesus!
Army Recruiter: Welcome to the Army of God. 

[Army Recruiter hands Average guy a small pocket book]  

Army Recruiter: Here is the Military Manual. I suggest that you study it. Learn it inside and out. It contains battle strategies and orders from the Commander in Chief.

Scene 2

Someone walks in front of the audience showing a card saying, "Several months later"

[The Average Guy is at a party smoking dope and drinking. He is extremely wasted. He tries to duplicate the Army Recruiter’s speech, but something was lacking.] 

Average Guy: (With slurred speech) You dudes have got to join the Army of God! Jesus Christ wants you! He’ll take your disgusting, miserable, pathetic life……. 

[All of his friends, offended, interrupted him]

Friend 1: Who’s disgusting?! 
Friend 2: You better not be calling me pathetic or I’ll…….. 
Friend 3: What makes you think I’m miserable? 
Average Guy: But wait a minute. Let me finish. Now where was I?… Oh, yeah! He’ll take your rotten life and give you His. 

[They all roll their eyes.]

Friend 2: Yeah, sure. Didn’t you enlist a few months ago? Look at your life. Its still a mess. 

[The rest of them agree, blow him off, and walk away. The Average Guy drops his head and looks at the beer bottle he is holding, then throws it aside. He starts to pray.]

Average Guy: Jesus, there has got to be more to this Army than just eternal life.

[A man in a Navy suit or hat overhears his prayers as he is passing by.]

Navy Guy: Have you been baptized?

Average Guy: I don’t know. What is "Baptized"? I never heard of it. 
Navy Guy: You never heard of it!? It’s in the military manual! Don’t you read!? It is when you get dunked under the water, man! When you come up, you’re clean! You gotta do it with water. (Sarcastically) The crazy Air Force thinks some spirit will baptize you, then they all talk baby talk, as if that proves what they believe. Take it from me, they are weird! A disgrace to the military, if you ask me. Water is the only way. 
Average Guy: I really feel like I need to be cleansed.

[Navy Guy baptizes the Average Guy]

Average Guy: Wow! I feel brand new!

Scene 3

Someone walks in front of the audience showing a card saying, "Several months later"

[The Average Guy is walking along and a grungy drug dealer walks up to him.]

Drug Dealer: Hey Dude, Do you want to buy some ganga? 

[The Average Guy just stares at him, debating if he should or not]

Drug Dealer: You know, man, Maui Wowie? Bud? Marijuana, Dude!?
Average Guy: Is it possible to get just one joint?
Drug Dealer: Sure. No problem.

[They make the exchange, and the Average Guy sits down and lights up the joint. After taking a big hit, he prays.]

Average Guy: Jesus, why don’t I have the power to overcome these temptations? 

[A guy dressed in an Air Force uniform or hat walks up. He overheard what the Average Guy had prayed.]

Air Force Guy: Power! Did I hear you say you need power! 

[The Average Guy looks up to him inquisitively.]

Air Force Guy: The power is in being full of the Holy Spirit.

[The Average Guy’s facial expression changes to scared upon remembering what the Navy Guy told him about the Air Force.] 

Average Guy: You don’t mean the baptism by the spirit, do you? 
Air Force Guy:
Of course I do. But it is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the Baptizer.
Average Guy: The Navy Guy said the only way to baptize is with water. He said you Air Force guys are all crazy and talk baby babble.
Air Force Guy: (Sarcastically) Those Navy Guys only believe what they want. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is in the military manual. Don’t you read? The Commander in Chief told Jesus to tell the first Army to go wait for the Holy Spirit and power before He ever sent them out, Acts 1; 4-8. Then they all, after being filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke in other tongues, Acts 2; 4. Not baby babble—It is a heavenly language. The Holy Spirit prays through you the perfect will of the Commander in Chief for your life, Romans 8; 27. This language helps you get the perfect strategies for battle, so you can have total victory in every area of you life, Romans 8; 26. Even temptations. 

[As the Air Force Guy is speaking, the Average Guy pulls his military manual out of his back pocket and looks up the different references.]

Average Guy: Yep, it is all in here. I wonder why the Navy Guy said all of those bad things about the Air Force?
Air Force Guy: Like I said, the Navy only believes what they want to believe. The Army Recruiters only want to get people to enlist. They don’t care what happens to them after they enlist...a lot of casualties. Anyway, do you want to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and power? 
Average Guy: I sure do! Ahh, what do I have to do?
Air Force Guy: Just ask Jesus, with a sincere heart, and believe that you will receive, just like when you enlisted.
Average Guy: Jesus, please baptize me with the Holy Spirit and power….Thank you so much! Shundie la bippie…..

Scene 4

[The Average Guy is approached by the Drug Dealer.]

Drug Dealer: Hey Dude! You wanna buy some bud?

[The Average Guy starts praying loudly in tongues.]

Drug Dealer: No, I think you already had too much. 

[Drug Dealer leaves]

Average Guy: Hey, it works! I overcame that temptation pretty well.

Scene 5

[The setting is at a Christian Rally. The Average Guy is giving his testimony. The Army Recruiter, Navy Guy, and Air Force Guy as well as all of his friends are in the crowd]

Average Guy: There was a time when I was real empty inside. I had no purpose or vision for my life. An Army Guy told me about the Army of God. So I enlisted. Immediately, the emptiness was gone. I had peace for the first time in my life, but my life was still a wreck. Then this Navy Guy baptized me in water. I really felt clean, like I had another start. It helped me through a hard time. I still stumbled a lot and wondered if I would ever have enough power to overcome temptations. Then an Air Force Guy taught me about being filled with the Holy Spirit. Now I can say, I am on of the proud, one of the few, and I want to share with everyone how the Army of God and all of its branches helped me grow to be the soldier I am today.

[After hearing the Average Guy’s testimony, the Army Recruiter turns to the Navy Guy and the Air Force Guy.] 

Army Recruiter: I thought the only important thing was getting people to enlist. He sure did need you guys though.
Navy Guy: I am sure glad he received the power to overcome. I think I need to go look up some things in the military manual.
Air Force Guy: This guy could have easily been a casualty before I ever met him, if it weren’t for both of you. 

All Together: All of us are needed in the Army of God!

You can use this drama, if you would like.

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