My heart's desire is that Christians from all over would use the forum as an opportunity to give and receive and make new friends.  Please check it out!  Don't be shy... post a new topic, reply to a topic that is already posted, or start a new poll for people to share their opinions.  

Test your Biblical knowledge by taking the Bible Trivia Quiz.  Submit your own Bible Trivia questions to add to the quiz, by using the "Submit Yours" button, located at the bottom left.

If you are seeking for answers about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or the Christian faith, feel free to post your questions at the forum, or contact me.  Hopefully, I will have an answer for your questions.  If I don't, I will seek until I find one.  

Do you know of any fun interactive applications that I can add to this section of the website?  Please let me know by using the "Submit Yours" button, located at the bottom left.

Please bookmark this site, and come back soon, as I hope to have new additions regularly.

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